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It seems a little strange to think that someone could win a lawsuit because the hot cup of coffee that they spilled on themselves didn't warn them that their beverage was hot. Unfortunately, today, human error and accidents usually end in someone's monetary gain. But it doesn't have to mean your loss.

Did you make sure to clear all of the ice off of your sidewalk this winter? What about that loose hand-rail on your step—is it securely fasted? Whether you're deemed negligent or deemed the most careful homeowner on your block, you can still be liable for an accident that occurs on your property. Personal Liability provides protection in such an instance. It also extends financial protection to you should you cause an accident to or on someone else's property.

Accidents happen but you can be in control of how it affects you. Contact me today to learn more about personal liability coverage, its limits, and what your insurance coverage should be.

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